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Symbols before Numbers

These symbols have been part of our life since the beginning of time.

For years, churches, temples and pyramids tended to be places that employed sacred geometric meaning, where people would go to heal and achieve higher levels of consciousness. These sacred spaces would allow us to become one with the space, feeling whole and safe.

Knowing that we've been created based on sacred geometry, it makes sense for the spaces you design to also include sacred geometry to help people heal in their own homes and live their lives to the fullest.

Sacred geometry, as a holistic form of design, is the language of the universe and design, expressing harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order in a spiritually uplifting way through numbers and symbols.

Secrets of Vastu Living 

JOMA9 is all about creating positive energy in the environment for the wellbeing of people. Scientists have proven long ago that energy cannot be created or destructed. It can only be transformed.


Modern science has also found proof that positive and negative energy exists in the universe. But modern science has no answer for how to divert negative energy to positive energy.


Where science stops, super science starts. And Vaastu is one such super science.

SPA project

Jurmala, Latvia


Stories apart-hotel

Jurmala, Latvia


Island Senču Sils

Priedkalne, Latvia